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Watch the documentary we created to tell the stories of these amazing teens!

DOCUMENTARY: Project BeautyBeast

What a great event! We talked about Bullying, Body Shame, Self Harm and Suicide. Here’s our slideshow of how we did everything:

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Note: These girls are ACTORS. They are young poets from the amazing LA organization They are reciting a POEM that was written by poet Gina Loring and the concept was created by myself. The End of Bullying Starts Here! Join us as we band together to prevent ONE MILLION kids from being bullied. Author/Speaker Brooks Gibbs explains bullying in the most simplistic terms: Dominance behavior. He provides a simple solution to bullying as well: Don't get upset. For more info about Dominance Behavior, see interview with school psychologist Izzy Kalman at this link:


I interviewed 24 teens living in Kitsap County to share about their life experiences with bullying, body shame, self harm and suicide. Each teen was asked to share their experience, but also give advice for those who are struggling. Also asked what the word 'beautiful' means to them.


I pledge to “Stand Up, Reach Out, and Be A Friend.”

I pledge to Think Twice: Once for Me, Once for A Friend: I choose kindness over cruelty whether physical or emotional. I choose kindness over cruelty whether friend or enemy. I pledge kindness over cruelty to those I know and those I don’t. I pledge kindness.

I pledge to respect and honor myself and others. I pledge to respect myself and others To Honor myself and others.

I pledge use my voice responsibly and to its fullest power:

I will speak up on behalf of myself and others

I will use my voice to reach out for help when I am drowning, and I will use it to reach out to others who may need a life vest.

I pledge to be F.U.E.L for change.  *Friendly, Uplifting, Encouraging and Loving to myself and others.

I pledge to reach out for help when I start feeling hopeless. I am not alone.

I pledge to remember that I am important.

I pledge to remember that I matter to somebody

I pledge to remember that someone thinks about me every day, even if I don't realize it.

I pledge to value myself because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

I pledge to honor the you in you and the me in me.

I pledge to be me and to help others to have the courage to be themselves too!

I pledge to discover and follow my dreams, always.

I pledge to Love myself as I am and where I am at

I pledge to celebrate the uniqueness in myself and others. To not tease, belittle, put down or bully someone because they are different. We are all different and it’s pretty awesome!

I pledge to be kind online.

I pledge to not participate in spreading rumors about someone else. Because I don’t know if it’s true, and I wouldn’t want someone to do that to me.

I pledge to treat others how I want to be treated.

I pledge to not shame myself or others. All bodies are beautiful bodies and my body can do amazing things!

I pledge to ask for help when I feel like there is no hope, when I want to end it all, I will reach out instead.