THE EVENT! How did it go?

What a great event!

We talked about Bullying, Body Shame, Self Harm and Suicide. Here’s our slideshow of how we did everything:

We started our event explaining what the terms meant, and did an activity called “Stand Up”. Everyone was given necklaces with different colors to represent themselves or their loved ones. We asked everyone to stand and raise their necklace if they could say yes to any of the statements we read.

We introduced resources from our community that offer programs and services to teens. They included: Kitsap Sexual Assault Center, Equilibrim Natural Health, One Heart Wild, Kimberly Riley, Counselor (You are Beautiful LLC), Stand Up For Kids, Girl Scouts, Boys and Girls Club, Dispute Resolution Center, and Bruce Brummond, author of the Bully workbook.

We paid tribute to a boy named Owen, from NY, who took his life in September after being bullied relentlessly. Several of the kids shared his story.

2 videos we showed about bullying:

We had several of our participants perform *singing, dancing, poems

Then we watched the Documentary.

We did an activity called “Be a Friend” - We broke up into groups of 10 and did a “If you really knew Me” exercise. Each person got 2 minutes to speak uninterrupted.

We also held a public forum, where people could share an experience and offer a solution.

Everyone was invited to take our pledge and sign our traveling banner. We gave out bracelets and attendees were encouraged to speak with the resources and get more information.

King 5 news media was there and interviewed myself and Chloe.

Elaine Turso