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How YOU Can Help

How YOU Can Help

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Business Owners

How YOU can help: Each youth is being photographed. Their black and white portrait is being matted and framed. With your $200 sponsorship, your storefront will become the home to a portrait for display in your shop for the summer. It can either hang on the wall, or we can provide an easel. Your store will also be put onto a map, so that the public can see where the other portraits are being displayed, sorta like a scavenger hunt. (You will get maps to also give out). Our wish is that it will give you some extra foot traffic, as we will be encouraging the public to visit each business and leave their supportive message for each youth. We will have a way for the public to read their story and leave them positive comments and notes of encouragement. $100 donation will have your business name on the map!


Community Partners

How YOU can help: Attend our event, set up a table, have materials that you can hand out about your programs, be an ear, a shoulder, a guide. With your support, we can make this a successful event. We can make a difference.



Hello Kitsap School officials! 

Would you like to reduce the number of bullying complaints? How about the number of kids hurting themselves, via body shaming, self harm and suicide? That's my goal too. Unfortunately, we live in a world we're almost 3, 500 teenagers grades 9 through 12 are attempting suicide every single day. And I know that you are not okay with that statistic, and neither am I. I know this is a very busy time for all of you, getting ready for the first day of school and all...  BUT I can not put off contacting our schools in Kitsap any longer. I'm writing to ask if your school might be interested in being involved with this project I created, called Project BeautyBeast. 

Hello! My name is Elaine Turso, and I am a local photographer, who loves to take on community projects, and since February, I have been interviewing teenagers in Kitsap County ages 10 through 19 and we have been talking about really hard subjects, such as, bullying, body shame, self harm, and even suicidal thoughts and attempts. So many of the kids I interviewed expressed instances of being bullied, experiencing depression, cutting themselves (or their friends cutting themselves), and a few have already attempted to take their own life.  

As you may know, October is anti bullying awareness month, which is why we've chosen the month of October to showcase and present our project to the community. In order for it to have the most impact, I feel that it really needs to have the support of our local schools. We are putting together a documentary and a public forum on Sunday October 21st at the Kitsap Golf & Country Club at 1 p.m. This is open to the public, but specifically designed to impact teens, parents, and school officials.  The intention is to offer a safe place for teens and parents and school officials to discuss these issues in a "solution oriented" forum. Because it is likely that teens will be sharing stories that happened at school, I would love to have school officials there to reiterate policies and offer solutions. 

I will also be allowing Community Organizations that provide programs to Teens the opportunity to set up a table and share at our event. If you know one that you think should be there, please let me know!  I do not want anyone to leave there empty handed. I want them to learn about resources available to help them in their time of need. 

This project is "More than a Documentary". I have been fundraising in order to secure funds to provide rubber bracelets with the positive reminders, the suicide hotline number, as well as other hotlines. I am also creating a  "COMMUNITY BANNER" that can be shared amongst all of the schools in Kitsap that wish to participate.

The banner will say "I pledge to Speak up, Reach out, and be a Friend", and those who wish to take the pledge will sign the banner and then we will transport the banner to the next School who wants to participate. Along with receiving the banner, I am happy to facilitate a school assembly to talk about the importance of Speaking up, Reaching out, and Being a Friend.

I am reaching out to you today to ask you for your support and gauge your interest of involvement. Would your school like to participate in hosting a banner? Would it like to include an assembly? Would it like to show the documentary? If the answer is YES, rather than emailing back and forth, I have created a quick google form that will ask you some additional info and ask you for a contact person. You can complete that right here: https://goo.gl/forms/INNjmYSoT7C6zhao1

To see a brief promo video of the project, you can see it here 


Thank you for your time and consideration! 



Equilbrium Natural Health 

Sara Seigel of Oak Fern Consulting - website building donation 

Guitar Cafe

Sandy Simon

Sharla Overton

Aykel Haynes

Grey Skey Boutique

Jennifer Westerman

Margie Kluth (Norwex)

Tracy Jo Hamilton (Color Street)

Andrea Warner (Healing Hands of Light) 

Barbra Wright 

Kristal Baker (Express Employment) 

Erin Hebeler (Express Espresso) 

Shonna Jordan 

Eivie Panser

Klaudia Conradt

Leslie Burnett (BonCook)

Lucky Star Consignment 

Cindy Pealstrom


TOTAL RAISED: $4096 out of $5,000 needed