Dear Business Owner


Dear Business Owner,

Thank you for your consideration and interest in participating in Project BeautyBeast by Elaine Turso Photography. With your help, we can spread the message TOGETHER that bullying, self harm, body shame and suicide does not have to be in the life of our youth. Your business can help these kids have a voice.

What we are doing: We have been interviewing and photographing teens and youth to learn more about their experiences with bullying, body shame, self harm and even suicide attempts. We are talking about the yucky hard stuff. The stuff that everyone wants to stuff under the rug, because talking about it may make it real. It could feel shameful, embarrassing, humiliating and is overall hard to talk about.

How we are doing it: With our documentary film, set to premiere in October 2018 (Anti-Bullying awareness month), we will be having a Public Forum, open to everyone… with the intention to CREATE CONVERSATIONS… let’s talk about it. Besides talking about it, we will have resources available… I don’t want anyone to leave empty handed and without feeling like they have a way to get help they might need. Teens, Parents, and even Teachers will have access to resources to help our youth.

How YOU can help: Each youth is being photographed. Their black and white portrait is being matted and framed. With your $200 sponsorship, your storefront will become the home to a portrait for display in your shop for the summer. It can either hang on the wall, or we can provide an easel. Your store will also be put onto a map, so that the public can see where the other portraits are being displayed, sorta like a scavenger hunt. (You will get maps to also give out). Our wish is that it will give you some extra foot traffic, as we will be encouraging the public to visit each business and leave their supportive message for each youth. We will have a way for the public to read their story and leave them positive comments and notes of encouragement. $100 donation will have your business name on the map!

If you do not have a ‘storefront’ (or prefer to not have a display) you can request that the portrait be displayed in a coffee shop/ storefront of your choosing! You will still be listed as the sponsor! Your business will invited and be thanked at our event/film preview! Your business name will also appear on our programs as a sponsor. At the event, the youth will receive their framed portrait that was displayed in your shop! You will have given them a voice, allowed them to tell their story. Maybe their story will touch the lives of someone who needs to hear that everything is going to be okay. That they aren’t alone.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Elaine Turso, Owner of Elaine Turso Photography LLC